This place is for the list of good sources of plants and materials like bulk soil to save money

Orange County Places selling Bulk Soil

Aguinaga Green
See their contact us page for location hours and phone numbers.
Three Orange County locations. Sells to consumers and to business by the pickup or truck load.  Franks Prefered potting / soil mix is  “Special D” mix

27910 Baker Canyon Road Silverado CA 92676 
16355 Construction Circle West Irvine, CA 92606 Near Jamboree and Barranca.
410 West Grove Avenue Orange CA 92865 Near Glassell St And Meats

Tierra Verde Industries
56 Fairbanks, Irvine, CA 92618
Near the Grear Park in Irvine off Sandcanyon
Sells to consumers

Source of raw materials – Gardeners, Construction waste, Compost from Landfill greenwaste from homeowner green waste containers. May have construction waste and microplastics and Other in it. 

R&S Soil Products, Inc. – Unknown if they sell to comsumers
1 Magazine Road Irvine, Ca 92618 : (949) 830-8882
Near Irvine Blvd and Alton Pkwy
Mostly Mulch’s and Topsoils  . Not much sandy loam in the soils. Mostly Compost based. 


Whittier Fertilizer Co –
9441 Kruse Rd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660  (562) 699-3461 

Laguna Hills Nursery     714.542.5600
1829 N. Tustin Ave.  Santa Ana, CA 92705

Sells Gary’s Top Pot and Gary’s Beat Acid Mix Potting soil. by the bag.  Gary’s Soils are considered to be one of the higher end soil mixes you can get. While costly, consider the value of the plant you are working with.  


Laguna Hills Nursery 714.542.5600
1829 N. Tustin Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705  North of 17th St and Tustin Ave

Also offers Class’s every Saturday Mornings   from expert Gary Matsuoka
Every Saturday Morning at 9:15 am at their store in Santa Ana. Topics vary by week.

Dave Wilson Nursery
Sells to commercial businesses only


La Verne Nursery Inc
now Everde
Sells to commercial businesses and limited direct purchases

Bulk Purchasing With Members involved 

        What is the point of having a lot of people with similar purchasing needs if bulk purchases benefiting members is ignored?
As a club we should be getting input from members on what we could order in a bulk purchase.

There are pros and cons of a bulk purchase.
If you request it, you should be expected to buy it.
 The plant is being ordered direct from the growing nursery, so quality should be better and less chance of plant illnesses & weeds compared to someone selling out of their back yard.
Cost is typically lower than nursery’s since no markup involved.
Orders usually have to be placed 8 to 12 months before delivery, and availability is not guaranteed ( ordering earlier ensures best availability.
Variety’s generally more than what in Nursery.
Less chance of incorrect plant variety due to switched tags like in the store.




Bulk purchasing of gardening chemicals / powders?      Do you know of any sources? Let us know so we can share it with members.