Soil Types

Types of Soil – Dirt is NOT soil

The biggest thing affecting your plants growth is what it is planted in.

Dirt lacks nutrients / microorganisms plants need to grow and thrive.  Clay “Soil” has nutrients chemically locked into the clay preventing most plants from accessing them  Clay soil also hinders / blocks proper water transfer since usually water has a difficult time penetrating clay materials.

Dirt is soil with little to no nutrients.

This page has Differing types of soils commercially sold . There are pros and cons for each soil type depending on what plants are to be grown in the soil.


There are 6 main soil types

Clay. Sandy. Silty. Peaty. Chalky. Loamy.

Most people probably understand the first  two somewhat then it gets vague from there.

“Does this matter, What Can I do about it?, ” is the big question.

Then there is soil Ph.

How many people know what the pH of their soil is?

Any meetings discuss this? Any instructions to properly measure soil pH?

If I do know, then what? Can I change it long term?