Original Hass

Original Hass type

This Is Limited Availability To Members Only

Get Some Cuttings for Grafting of the ORIGINAL HASS variation. 

 The Original Hass Variety was discovered in 1926 in La Habra Heights. California. 
Most all Hass varieties sold in stores are from cuttings from trees from trees from trees from trees from trees from tress …….. resulting in a noticeable difference between the variations over time. 
 A Member of CRFG who lives in La Habra Heights who has a tree made from the ORIGINAL Hass tree cutting, is offering some cuttings for grafting to current CRFG members. 
 This is a limited offer.  It is only available to CRFG Inc Members.
Please contact us at the contact us section of this website so We can arrange a time convenient to both you and him to pickup them from his home in La Habra Heights.

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