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For non members, To be notified of chapter meeting you need to pre-register at one of the linked forms toward the bottom of this page.
 We will send the Zoom link to the pre-registered email address. 
Feel free to forward this email and share on social media with interested people!
 For people attending in person events,  we will be checking the preregistered list prior to seating.  SO preregister. 
 Additional Info
Our chapter Speaker Policies – What to Expect at Our Meetings
  • When discussing a problem, we expect our speakers to also discuss solutions. We are here to help educate members on growing their own various fruit trees & edible plants.
  • All speakers’ talks will be posted on the chapter’s Youtube Channel sometime after the meeting. Note that the meeting recording may be edited (usually to remove unimportant parts or dead space) and topic presenters will have the opportunity to approve their content prior to posting.  
  • The video of the meeting recording is property of the South Orange County CRFG Chapter and the presenter. The presenter will be given the digital recording of the meeting to use at their discretion. 
 Requests to Members
  • Please feel free to suggest topics and/or presenters for our future chapter meetings!
    • If you know someone who might be interested or who you would like to learn from, please let us know. At this time, we are a dirt poor chapter and we cannot pay speakers. We look forward to when we can afford dirt, then upgrade it to soil! Even with this limitation, we intend to provide informative and interesting meetings. 🙂
  • Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with the chapter by contacting us through our contact us page. 
 Frank Wagoner / Kathy Connell    — Co Chairs of the South Orange County chapter of California Rare Fruit Growers 

Click below on what Events / Meetings you would like to register for. 

Registering allows us to message you on the meeting links and to allow you to submit questions for the speaker to address.
Keep Questions limited to the meeting topic. 

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