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Yet is needed to know to grow plants cheaper, faster, more efficiently!!

What do some terms mean?

What do you mean with some of these words / phrases?

  • What is Scion wood?
  • What is my soil pH?  How do I find out?
  • What soil do I need?
  • How big does the plant need to be to grow and still provide fruit?
  • What does grafting mean?
  • What does  soil type mean?

What do you Mean by-....

Your Grafting?

  • Air layering .
  • Bud grafting.
  • T grafting.


  • Asymmetric layering .
  • Top Pruning.
  • Pruning seals do they work?


  • Double Digging.
  • Hardening Off
  • Xylem.

Pest Control

  • Biological Pest Control?
  • Cold Frame
  • N-P-K

Scion Wood - A cutting of a plant used to be attached to another plant of the same species.
Grafting - The process of attaching a scion wood ( cutting) of a plant to another plant. 
Soil - Dirt with organic matter added. 
Compost - Organic matter either broken down or in the process of being broken down buy microbes and / or worms. Typically used as soil amendment  
Organic - When plants / Animals are raised without artificial chemicals.