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Yet is needed to know to grow plants cheaper, faster, more efficiently!!

Scammers will say anything to get your money / account access.

Scammers are not limited to claiming they are The IRS, Microsoft Support, Apple Support, Amazon Support, Ebay, PayPal, Any bank name you can think of. A made up Company claiming you are due a refund, Antivirus company, Police, Lawyer for someone or company. pretending to represent a friend or loved one in trouble outside the country.  Most anything.  Scammers have a wide range of tactics not limited to any list.

They pray on peoples Compassion or Greed, Fears

They will threaten victims with arrest, financial ruin,

They will tell people the victim will be investing money in something getting great returns. One scammer was claiming if I gave them $500 they will return $5,000 in 35 minutes.  That was so funny. the only guarantee it the victim will lose $500 in 1 minute.  After they scam the $500, they will probably claim to pay the $500 to you, they will need more money for Legal fees to transfer the money to the victim. More money to lose from the victim.

They will cry on the phone saying they will lose their job because the of something the victim did. 

They will get control of the victims computer.

They will then fake information on websites, steal all  passwords on the computer, use the computer as a relay point to other victims computers to transfer money. to untraceable accounts like bit coin.   

They will ask you to receive a text / email message to verify your identity  . This