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This section is for online discussions to share information related to growing and propagating plants in Orange County


It will be updated to be function soon

It is up to everyone to supply supporting information. Everyone has something to contribute.

The goal is to get growing in  OC specific information compiled. I am interested knowing what grows where I live, not  somewhere with a different climate


A small tip may save years of wasting time on a plant or saving years on growing a plant. 

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How growing OC works.

Discussion Groups.

Soil Optimization

How to get best use of soil.


Discussions on plant propagation .

What to do with excess fruit and veggies

I Planted too much . / It all ripened at once!!!!

Possible new fruits you are unaware of that can grow in OC

Do you know of unique fruits that grow in OC without a  green house?


Pests and how to deal with them. from Fungus to insects to nematodes.

Is it a pest of a beneficial insect / nematode?

Weather Alerts

Anyone want to know when a cold snap (or other event that could damage your plants.) is about to occur? Sign up for email notifications to be notified of events before they happen . While we may not catch all , at least someone is looking for them. I would love to know then there is a freezing night so I can take action before hand.