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Computer Protection.

Just because you have an antivirus software, your computer is not fully protected from hackers & viruses .

  Anti Virus software can only detect / find what it given a list of. 

Hackers and ever changing virus designers take advantage of defects in software and operating systems.

The conditions needed for an antivirus company to discover a new virus would be they happen to randomly  find it or someone sends them a sample of it. It is a little difficult to find it for most people on a computer. It is easier and safer to just reinstall the operating system. since you can never be certain all viruses are removed. 

Also many scammers have fake popups on websites claiming a virus has been detected on your computer. Do not click on the popup as it is possible that action can activate a virus 

The safer way to get to a website it do a google search and CAREFULLY choose the one for what you want. Keep in mind the first items in the list are ads. And scammers can pay to get put in that list of ads,.

Free Anti Virus Software
Common free utilities
BAD Anti Virus software.
Avira Anti Virus
Avast Antivirus
Mcafee Anti Virus.
usually comes free with many computers.
In my opinion I have found it to be Buggy, and  unreliable. Also, I have seen many systems where the liscense had expired blocking ability to download updates. While acting like updates were going fine. Not informing user the software had expired and was not working. e 
Table Data From Microsoft
Protection from Ransomware
Controlled Folder Access
The above link describes it. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is NOT needed.
But you need to enable Controlled Folder Access is not enabled by default. YOU must enable it. see bottom of the above linked page.

Symantec / Norton Antivirus
there are actually two different versions - Home / small business and Corporate.
they are not the same.
Home / Small business in my opinion is worse than having a virus.
When I had computer troubleshooting business,  when people called me asking to fix unreliable computer, I would ask if Symantec  or Norton installed. usually that was the problem
Corporate version Is way better BUT not available to cunsumers.

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