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We are still adding content

Why this site over others?


The goal is to have information specialized for the Orange County Environment / Climate.

As time progresses more information will be added with useful information

FOR EXAMPLE: "Will this plant grow and produce fruit near McFadden And Ward, Westminster. "?

It will also list sources, events, Other detailed information.

This site originally started with one person, then became 3, now it is 5 persons contributing content.  We trust our contributors to submit appropriate content .

Being a Member will have benefits   


Access to choosing plants for bulk purchase orders.

Get plant cuttings for grafting from other members.

1st pick on scion wood at Scion wood exchanges.

Email notifications of club events.

Member supported

Always looking for Volunteers to help.

We are looking for members who can volunteer to help the chapter by
helping in the following offices.
Treasurer - needs bookkeeping skills.
Vice Chair / Speaker coordinator members are encouraged to speak at meetings on topics of interest fruit plant / garden related.
Newsletter writer - Newsletters are only emailed to members to keep costs down.
Fundraising / grant assistants.
Membership coordinators
Grafting / Propagation / Cutting Coordinators.
Bulk purchase Coordinators .
People wanting to Learn
Website programing in PHP - we need make the interface to basically handle tables of information, and popup links for phot thumbnails
Website updating. - Easier than you think, is like using Microsoft Word..   


Help with managing this website and increasing the content.

You can create change.

We have the tools..

Help others by doing a presentation at club meetings.

Everyone has something to contribute. From 5 minutes to present a tip that saves others alot of time to a full meeting presentation to save help understand how to maximize plant growth.

Want to Manage or assist with bulk purchase requests? Of help track Green Scene Plant sales & project future needs? You do not even have to attend meetings

This would help out a lot

Help with presentations.

Some members may be great with communicating information vocally, but not with visual presentations. If you can help with this let us know.


Thank you for your time in reading this.

This may effect your club functionality greatly.

  Membership will have benefits.

Sorry about the length of this , but we are a new chapter , so lots going on.  And when pasting, all the original formatting was lost, :(

We are pleased to announce this new South Orange County CRFG chapter should be starting soon. While It will be called South Orange County Chapter, membership is not limited to any physical boundaries. You just have to be a member of CRFG Inc. before joining.

There are a few differences between this chapter and other chapters .

1) There are different types of meetings - Informational, Social, Fundraisers, Plant Material exchanges, Training.

The normal monthly informational meetings will be held by Zoom. This eliminates the need for people to needlessly drive when they do not have to. It also eliminates the need to rent a space to have meetings at. But there is still the monthly Zoom subscription costs and the fees charged by speakers. $16 to $65 per month for zoom and $0 to $175 for speaker fees.

The standard monthly meetings typically occur once a month, but are not limited to that constraint as some speakers' own schedules may not match up with the standard schedule. It would be silly to turn away a great speaker because of this.

Speakers of information meetings are required to provide information applicable / usable for our Area. It is silly for a chapter to pay to hear a discussion of a plant that cannot grow or fruit here.

If a speaker discusses a pathogen / insect / problem they are familiar with, we request them to follow up with possible solutions, and sources of getting the solutions. . Meetings will also be discussing what issues to look out for each month pathogens to weather , with possible solutions.

Multiple times of the year, members who have successful experience with plant propagation / grafting / rooting are encouraged to show off their techniques during meetings. This will be arranged ahead of time as to not hinder a scheduled speaker.

Social Meetings are to be arranged when possible under various fruit related themes. A citrus meeting would have members interested in citrus to share fruit and preferences in types. It is also urged to share propagation and grafting tips.

Plant Material exchanges are urged multiple times a year as not all plants can be grafted, nor do all cuttings root in just January.

Plant sale fundraisers - Chapter Members are given 1st pick / notification of what is available.

Other than the main CRFG membership membership dues which you need to be current on to join the local chapter, Our chapter dues can be Paid by one or two ways .

1) $10 per year.

2) Donating plants the chapter can sell to raise club funds.

Initial 3 month membership to this chapter is being offered for free to existing CRFG members.

Fill out the membership form found on our website and send it to us.

It can be filled out directly on a computer.

What happens with funds raised by this chapter? Initially used to cover recurring expenses, purchases made by the chapter, Insurance as required by law..

As a balance is built up, it can be used to facilitate group purchases from large wholesale nurseries. Allowing for members to get more options to purchase and for less money.

Fund or partial fund club sanctioned research projects the club members . Example What effect does gibberellic acid have on plant growth in young plants? Later, this will evolve to also offer annual Scholarships to students in the agricultural fields.

Transparency - All members are welcome to attend board meetings as observers as long they are not disrupting the meeting.  There will be times for members to provide input during board meetings.

We are looking for members who can volunteer to help the chapter by helping in the following offices.

Treasurer - needs bookkeeping skills. Vice Chair / Speaker coordinator Newsletter writer -

Newsletters are only emailed to members to keep costs down. Fundraising / grant assistants.

Membership coordinators Grafting / Propagation / Cutting Coordinators.

Bulk purchase Coordinators .

People wanting to Learn Website updating. - Easier than you think, is like using Microsoft Word..

Donated plant requirements: The plant type and variety needs to be a known one. Example Jeffs favorite unknown avocado is frowned upon.

We recommend watching our plant propagation 101 video for a clearer understanding of what we are looking for and not looking for. This includes a limited discussion on plant / soil pathogens .

Preferred varieties are uncommon ones. Example - a grafted Kahaluu Avocado is preferred over a standard Hass Avocado. In reality, anything is preferred over a standard Hass as Hass is such a common type it has less value.. Generally, we frown on annuals, but some fruits as annuals, can also be grown as perennials... cape gooseberry, kiwano, Roselle or sorrel hibiscus, gac, depending on weather.

Donated plant(s) in leiu of membership fee, must be combined in value we are able to sell for at least $15

There are various web pages members will have access to Like:

Cutting / Scion wood sharing page,

First to be notified before the public, Priority over the public.

From time to time, people inquire as to is there anyone they can hire to do specialized things like Pruning , Grafting , air layer their plant .

We will have a dedicated page for people who want to list their contact information to be contacted if they are interested in doing this. What deal a person works out with another person is between them.

A page dedicated to members listing what plants / types / varieties they have AND what they are looking for.

Other members can comment if a plant can or cannot product fruit in our areas.

A page dedicated to members for members to share information on local deals they come across.

  This webpage, while still under construction, already has a lot of content. Feel free to supply additional content you feel is reverent. Keep in mind we cannot accept content that was copied off another site. but if you want to rewrite a concept, then that is ok.

To get more information you are invited to join and become one of South OC CRFG founding members. it can only help you. The 3 month membership is no cost We have created an online membership form at:  The form, while detailed, is easy to fill out and you can even sign it then submit. Looking forward to meeting you, South Orange County CRFG founding members