We at the South OC Chapter of California Rare Fruit Growers want to promote the exchange of information to enhance fruit plant growth.

If you are planning to attend our February 11th Scion wood and everything garden exchange event. The signup page is Click HERE


    • What you can grow in your space.

    • What varieties work best in this climate.

    • What plants are incompatible or compatible with the other plants in your yard. 


    • How to graft plants with other varieties and impress your friends.

    • Best practices to maximize growth and yield.

    • What you can improve to get the best results out of your plants.


    • Join our meetings to hear from and connect with master growers in the area!

    • Attend our events for free gardening giveaways!

    • Share with us pictures of your prized plants!

You have limited time.

Why waste time growing plant that doesn’t produce properly in your area?

Just because a plant can grow in your area does not mean it will produce fruit.